John Wall says he still watches every Wizards game


Bradley Beal on Sunday night was asked if he keeps up with former teammate's John Wall's games on NBA League Pass and Beal said no, adding he doubts Wall would do that, either. It turns out that isn't true, as Wall told NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller in a wide-ranging interview ahead of his first game against the Wizards since being traded by them.

"I can tell you one thing, I'm watching every game." Wall said. "If I'm not playing, I'm definitely watching every game. I could switch my iPad around right now and I could show you I've got three TVs, like I've always had, to watch basketball or football all night long. That's what I do."

Wall often says he watches a ton of basketball, whether it be NBA, college, or high school; men or women, boys or girls. He loves the game that much.

But to watch Wizards games is a bit different, as he's watching his old teammates and a team he seems to have some mixed feelings about because of how his time with them ended. Sure, check some highlights or a box score now and then. But every game?

Wall has at least seen enough to have some opinions on their season so far.

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"It's definitely totally different, not seeing me out there, seeing [Russell Westbrook] and some of the other guys they have added. [They also] haven't played in the past two weeks and also dealing with Covid," Wall said.


"We know how special Brad [Beal] is and what he means to that organization and what type of player he is. You know he's going to be one of those top leading scorers every freaking night if he wants to. That's what he has proven. I think it's just tough because they're still dealing with the same problems, just trying to find ways to win."

The last part has been an uncomfortable reality for the Wizards so far this season. Despite making plenty of changes to their roster, they are 3-9 through their first 12 games. That record, though, is a bit skewed by a major Covid-19 outbreak that led to six fo their games getting postponed.

While Wall made it clear in the interview he wants to get revenge on Tuesday night when they play for the first time, he has some sympathy for the problems Washington has had so far.

"It's a little difficult because you've got Covid coming in, and we've been through that process, then trying to get acclimated with new players you added to your team," he said.

Where the Wizards go from here, now that they have returned to games, remains to be seen. But we know Wall will be watching, no matter what happens.

Watch the full interview with John Wall on Wizards Pregame Live on Tuesday night. Coverage begins at 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Washington.