John Wall's NBA debut in 2010 isn't only remembered as the first game for a future perennial All-Star, it was the night he danced 'The Dougie' through pregame introductions and afterwards famously caught some misguided criticism for doing so.

Well, it turns out it wasn't even his idea to do the dance, it was teammate Gilbert Arenas'. Wall told the story during Thursday night's 'Greatest Hits' broadcast on NBC Sports Washington where he and Chris Miller watched back his home debut from Nov. 2010.

Here's how Walls remembers it:

"I know Gil was the head of it for sure. He was like 'you won't dance coming out.' I was like 'alright, I'll make a bet that I'll dance.' And I did it, and everybody made a big deal out of it because I wasn't really shaking nobody's hands or anything like that. But as a team, we already knew I was gonna do... Once the music dropped and my vets put me to do it, I had no choice but to do it."


Wall remarked how he still hears about the dance to this day. People still associate him with 'The Dougie' and want him to do it again.

"Every time they see me if they hear that song come on, they ask me. It's funny becuase they say 'can you please bring the Dougie back when you come back and play for your first game?' I'm like, man, I'm not doing that," he said.


Sorry for anyone who was hoping Wall would break out 'The Dougie' this fall when he returns from his long injury absence. Don't expect that dance or any other, for that matter, he says.

"I ain't gonna dance, man. I'm locked into a whole 'nother level," he said.

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