The year is 2050. DeMarcus Cousins is 60 years old, and NBA fans are still arguing the Wizards should sign him.

It may be the most played-out Wizards storyline possibly ever but, to be fair, it remains fairly easy to connect the dots between them. Cousins doesn't have a team right now, one of his best friends (John Wall) plays for the Wizards and they are in need of high-end talent.

Wall spoke on the matter Wednesday in an Instagram Live interview with ESPN's The Undefeated. He told Marc Spears he is still lobbying for the Wizards to sign Cousins, though after years of doing so, he seems to understand full well it is probably still a pipe dream.

"Oh man, you know I'm trying to push for that. I've been on that for like five years. I want to sign him right now," Wall said.


Wall added he and Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard have discussed Cousins recently, saying "we've been talking about it here and there." And Wall said Cousins is now healthy despite tearing his ACL last August, which was just 10 months ago.

By the time the NBA returns in late July, Cousins will be less than a year removed from a very serious injury. So, it probably wouldn't be smart for Cousins to return until next year, and Wall even said that himself.


"I'm like 'bro, be smart, take your time to get all the way healthy so you can show these people what you're all about,'" Wall said. "I want him to focus on that and get back to the Boogie that he was."

Some of that might put a damper on the idea of Cousins finally coming to Washington. But hey, we all know these rumors will resurface again. Maybe one day Wall and Cousins, once college teammates, will indeed reunite in D.C.

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