John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe joined forces to make a very good team at the University of Kentucky back in 2009-10 before all three became NBA first round picks. In the eight years since, Wall has played in the posteason four times while neither Cousins or Bledsoe have been as fortunate.

Last season Cousins got his wish with a trade out of Sacramento and now Bledsoe is seeking the same out of Phoenix. After four years in Phoenix, Bledsoe wants to win and Wall understands his plight.

"I talk to him all the time," Wall said. "He's just sitting back and being a professional. He can't do nothing about it. He doesn't want to be there. He wants to go somewhere else. It's kind of all in the Suns' hands and where they want to trade him to and what they want to get back for him. He's still working out every day and being a dad at home."

Bledsoe appeared in three games for the Suns this season before leaving the team following a trade request. Now GM Ryan McDonough is working the phones, hoping to find a good deal for both sides.


Bledsoe hasn't had the individual success of Wall or Cousins in the NBA, but he's a very good player. He's averaged at least 17 points per game for four straight seasons. He wants to show what he's capable of on the playoff stage like Wall has for years now.


The Wizards have done a better job building a team around Wall than the Suns did with Bledsoe or the Kings did with Cousins and Wall is thankful.

"I don't know what those organizations are like because I never played for them. I know DeMarcus dealt at times with trying to get his attitude under control. Also, they tried to add veterans and people around him to be a playoff team in the tough Western Conference and they didn't get to that point. They thought their best situation was to get him out of there.

"Eric's situation was that they had some great pieces and some great teams. [Markieff Morris] was with him over there. They had a season where they almost made the playoffs with 48 wins and they didn't make it. He's going into his eighth year and he hasn't made the playoffs [since 2013]. The team is getting younger and younger and he wants to get out of there and get to a team where he can make the playoffs. I got the opportunity to be in the playoffs after my fourth year. They kind of adjusted for me while he had to keep going through it."

The Wizards have given Wall a supporting cast to win, something his college teammates continue to covet. No wonder Wall has decided to stay long-term in Washington.