Bazemore responds 'guess you can't joke anymore' to Beal's rant


Following the Wizards' loss to Atlanta on Monday night, Bradley Beal went off on Kent Bazemore on Twitter after catching wind of a comment the Warriors guard made about Washington's star when talking about the NBA's scoring title race between Beal and Stephen Curry.

Bazemore, whose Warriors were mid-game during Beal's Twitter schpeel, was asked if he saw the Wizards' guard's tweets following Golden State's win over Utah. He downplayed the situation, saying it got out of hand.

"I guess you can't joke anymore," Bazemore said postgame. "Whatever. I don't know man, I feel like I'm a pretty lighthearted guy. I stay in my own lane. I don't say things to ruffle feathers."

The Warriors reserve made it a point to say his initial comment was intended as a compliment to Curry, rather than a dig at the Wizards three-time All-Star.

"Hey man, if you want to know where my loyalty is, it's to [Steph Curry]," Bazemore said. "Anybody out there chasing him, it's going to be tough. Whatever. It kind of got out of hand. I didn't check my phone all day, so it's kind of blowing up I don't get involved with that crap. Gonna go home, love my wife, watch some 'Peaky Blinders' and go to bed. I got work to do tomorrow."

That response from Bazemore likely won't thrill Beal, who was visibly, and rightfully, upset at the comments from the 31-year-old.


"@24Bazemore you don’t know me or s--- about me bruh!!! You don’t know why I go out there and play and it damn sure ain’t for another man’s approval!!!," Beal tweeted. "You a straight LAME!!! But it don’t surprise me coming from you, thats what’s yo type do!!"

On Tuesday, Bazemore joined ESPN's First Take and spoke further why Bazemore's comments upset him so much.

"I didn't like that. I didn't like that last part of the comment," Beal said. "The first half of it about what Steph is doing, I'm with you. Forty nine [points] in 29 [minutes] is remarkable. Truly amazing. Nobody is arguing that. But I didn't mention you. My hamstrings have nothing to do with why I go out there and play the game. For me to injure my hamstring in you kind of make a joke about it, I don't take that too fondly, honestly."

Beal, who missed Washington's game Monday with a hamstring strain he suffered during a 50-point effort on Saturday, will also be sidelined for Washington's game Wednesday versus Atlanta before being re-evaluated on Friday.

Currently, Curry (31.9 points per game) holds a 0.5 lead over Beal (31.4) in the NBA's scoring title race. If Beal is able to return this season, he'll have at most two games (Friday vs. Cleveland; Sunday vs. Charlotte) to make up ground on the Golden State star.

Later in the Warriors postgame presser, Bazemore was asked if he planned to contact Beal to try and clear the air. Bazemore then said he didn't feel like that was necessary.

"There's nothing really to explain," Bazemore said. "I was laughing, jokingly, half-heartedly said it. It's not like I said I hope he does it. He's already out. I ain't wish anything bad on him. It was just a comment."

Bazemore wasn't done there, either.

"It's the kind of world we're living in right now, little bit sensitive, little sore palm calling me out," Bazemore continued. "Whatever. Roll with the punches, keep your head down, keep going. It'll pass probably tomorrow. Gonna wake up and everything will be the same. I ain't got time for all that Twitter trash."