Kuzma claps back at Cleveland news station’s LeBron dig


Sometimes, we let our emotions get the better of us. It happens to the best of people, especially after a tough loss. But putting it on the news? Now that’s taking it too far!

Kyle Kuzma was the hero of the Wizards’ nail-biting 97-94 victory in Cleveland last week. He hit the game-winning 3-pointer in the corner to give Washington the lead with 11 seconds remaining, and they never looked back.

Kuzma revealed after the game that his motivation, especially in the fourth quarter, involved some heckling he heard from Cavaliers fans.

“Yeah, they had a sign up that said 'LeBron [James] won Kuzma his ring.' I said 'without Bron, Cleveland wouldn't be s---.' They chose violence, so I just kept going," Kuzma said after the game.

Kuzma was LeBron James’ teammate on the L.A. Lakers for two seasons. The duo won the NBA Championship together in 2020, giving Kuzma his first-ever ring and James his fourth.

Following Kuzma's comments, one local Cleveland news station took the fans’ jab and ran with it, running a graphic on their air that read, “Kyle Kuzma: won an NBA Championship thanks to LeBron James”

Kuzma decided to have a bit of fun with the TV station, tweeting back at them, “City of Cleveland we have something in common, nice to meet you.”


LeBron James and the Cavaliers stunningly came back from a three-games-to-one deficit to defeat the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, in one of the most memorable championship runs in basketball history. It was the ending of a merciless drought in Cleveland sports: the city had gone without a major championship for 52 years, since the Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964. Kuzma’s light-hearted response to the news station was a reference to James’ ability to bring Cleveland out of that drought.

So, to summarize: some hecklers said LeBron James is the only reason Kyle Kuzma won a championship, then Kyle Kuzma beat the Cavaliers, then a Cleveland news station said that LeBron James is the only reason Kyle Kuzma won a championship, then Kyle Kuzma said LeBron James is the only reason Cleveland won a championship. Simple!

For some perspective, the original tweet that showed the news station’s graphic has been liked approximately 21,300 times. Kyle Kuzma’s reply to that tweet has been liked roughly 178,400 times. Whether it's on the court or on social media, Kuzma keeps beating Cleveland.