Kuzma fined $15k for giving ‘obscene gesture’ to Detroit fan


Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma has been fined $15,000 the NBA announced on Friday. He was fined for “directing an obscene gesture toward a fan” during the fourth quarter of Washington’s game in Detroit on Wednesday night.

At the 9:34 mark of the fourth quarter, Kuzma hit a 3-pointer from the corner, putting Washington up by nine. Apparently, a fan sitting courtside had been antagonizing the forward, because Kuzma turned and gave the fan the middle finger as he backpedaled to the bench. You can watch the incident here.

Kuzma would end up getting the last laugh, though, as his team-high 26 points would lead the Wizards to an overtime victory and snap their three-game losing streak.

The cherry on top was Kuzma’s game-winning three from the corner with less than second remaining in overtime.

After he nailed the triple, Kuzma waived goodbye to Pistons fans.

“I had to tell ‘em, time to go. They had to go. It’s time to go, time to go,” he said after the game.

Kuzma and the Wizards will host the Utah Jazz on Saturday before heading off on a six-game road trip before Christmas.