We know LaMelo Ball's father, LaVar, would like to see him play for the Knicks. He said New York would be the "best fit" for his son, despite LaMelo being widely considered as a top-three prospect and the Knicks holding the No. 8 overall selection. To get him, they would probably need to trade up.

Though LaMelo distanced himself from his father's opinions on Monday while meeting with reporters for the NBA Draft Combine, he did acknowledge he has interviewed with the Knicks in the pre-draft process. In fact, that was the only team he would specify.

Ball declined to say whether he had met with any other team, including the Timberwolves who have the No.1 overall pick. When asked if he has spoken to them, Ball said "I don't know," which was a cryptic way of not answering.

That may help fuel some conspiracy theories that Ball wants to play for New York, as he was clearly going out of his way to not name other teams. Ball, though, did say he would play for anyone that drafts him, essentially saying all 30 teams would be a "perfect fit."

And, of his meeting with the Knicks, he didn't exactly write home about it.

"It was pretty much just a meeting," he said.

Still, sometimes it's what you don't say. Surely, Knicks fans will take all of this information and react accordingly.