LaMelo Ball says LaVar doesn't speak for him on NBA fit


LaVar Ball is well-known for speaking his mind, and he made a series of headlines in recent months for his opinion that his son, LaMelo, would not be a good fit with the Golden State Warriors.

LaMelo, a point guard, is one of the top prospects in the NBA draft, and the Warriors are picking second, but they already have two star guards in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

LaMelo, though, was quick to distance himself from his father on the subject while addressing reporters in a video conference Monday as part of the league's draft combine.

"My old man, he's his own man. He has his opinions, I have mine," LaMelo said.

LaMelo said on numerous occasions during his meeting with the media that he sees upside with every team that could potentially draft him.

"I feel like I could fit on a team anywhere I go. Whatever happens, I'm positive... anywhere is a great fit. It's the NBA," he said.

LaVar was vocal when his other son, Lonzo, was coming through the draft, saying he wanted him to play for the Lakers. Lonzo was indeed selected by L.A. with the second overall pick in 2017.

LaMelo, 19, is now going through the same process his brother did three years ago, but clearly wants to do the talking for himself.