LeBron James talks to Jerami Grant after Lakers win


When LeBron James talks, people listen. Especially younger players looking to glean any information they can about how to be great.

That includes Jerami Grant, power forward for the Denver Nuggets. After the Lakers finished off the Western Conference Finals Saturday night, James pulled Grant aside to offer some advice to the rising star.

Grant, who played locally at DeMatha Catholic High School, scored 20 points and brought in nine rebounds during his team's final game. He was of course all ears to what James had to say. 

James could have taken that moment, with the confetti still falling, to celebrate with his teammates or start thinking about his legacy. Instead, he chose to impart some wisdom on an up-and-coming player who was dealing with a tough end to his season. That's just one of the things that has made James the best player in basketball for so long.

Grant has a player option to potentially become a free agent once the NBA season ends.