LeBron James says NBA Orlando bubble isn't a very kid-friendly environment


With safety protocols in place in the Orlando bubble for the duration of the NBA playoffs, boredom would run rampant if there was not an end goal of silverware in sight. LeBron James realized as much when he decided to keep his three children in Los Angeles. 

When asked why Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri didn't come to Orlando, James attributed their adventurousness to why their stay at the resort would have been unbearable. 

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While rooting on one of the best players ever to play the game as a wide-eyed child would have been a memorable experience, there's only so much kids can do when there isn't a game to watch. That's especially the case if James is able to take his Lakers past the Rockets toward another NBA Finals appearance in a month. 

Whereas his three kids remained in LA, James' wife, Savannah, made the trip to the bubble when the NBA allowed for family members or certain close friends to join them a month ago. Perhaps if Disney World's fun rides and rollercoasters were open, LeBron may have been more open to bringing his kids. 

Most of the children who have joined other players around the league are younger than LeBron's children. The NBA even created a toddler cheering section with players' spouses.