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The Marathon Continues: Isaiah Thomas tweets Nipsey Hussle lyrics after signing with Wizards

The Marathon Continues: Isaiah Thomas tweets Nipsey Hussle lyrics after signing with Wizards

The Wizards signed former All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas on Monday night, giving him a valuable opportunity to prove he can be a star in the NBA once again. 

Immediately after the news broke, Thomas began tweeting lyrics by his close friend, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. 

Hussle was gunned down in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles on March 31, 2019. His death shocked and saddened many in the NBA community who had personal relationships with Hussle, and the news struck Thomas hard.

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“If it wasn’t for the MARATHON, I wouldn’t of made it through” @nipseyhussle Damn! Damn! Damn! When i got the news yesterday before the game it reminded me when I got the news about my sister. It hit my heart straight on!!! I just spoke to you a few days ago cuz like this can’t be real. It seemed like our careers took off at the same time, I listened to your music EVERYDAY since ‘08 and we built our friendship up ever since then. You been REAL since day 1 and always showed me genuine love! You touched more lives than you would ever imagine and got people through real life situations by just being who you are... This is one of the toughest post I’ve ever had to make, I didn’t want to believe anything that I was hearing and I still don’t. You really had the world running they MARATHON! I remember every time I came by the shop to show love to you and the homies y’all would walk me to my car and tell me “Be safe out here”. This hit home and I pray that God protects your family, your kids and the whole HOOD. You inspired a whole generation with your music and what you stood for, no matter who you were or how your life was you could relate to what Nip was speaking through his music whether you was in the streets, a athlete, doctor it didn’t matter because it was about grindin for whatever you believed in! The world felt this shit and it will never be the same but ima do everything I can to keep this MARATHON life going. All Money IN no money OUT! Thank you for changing the world @nipseyhussle “So if it’s meant, than it’s gon be
People love it, cause they know that it’s the real me
The cops hate it, so they hope my homies kill me
But I don’t want the fame, I just want y’all to feel me
It’s my time, so I’m going in
We ball till we fall, F*** how the story ends
We see these niggas hatin’
I know you hoes plotting
I ain't worried bout it
Cause I know God got me” RIP @nipseyhussle

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Hussle's tireless push to build a rap career and give back to his community struck a chord with Thomas, who was working his way back from a hip injury in hopes of returning to All-Star form at the time of his friend's death.

"Him just coming out with ‘The Marathon’ and going at his pace, he meant everything to me. I will forever grind for him and try to keep this marathon life going," Thomas told The Undefeated. 

Hussle's Marathon-titled series of mixtapes became his calling card, inspiring others to continue pushing forward on the path to their dreams. 

For Thomas, his personal marathon continues in Washington. 


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Kevin Durant's documentary on PG County basketball gets release date

Kevin Durant's documentary on PG County basketball gets release date

Kevin Durant and 35 Ventures announced Wednesday that his documentary, "Basketball County: In the Water," about the rich history of basketball stars from Prince George's County, MD will premiere on May 15 on Showtime.

The Sports Business Journal reported in mid-February that Durant was creating a documentary focusing on the prominence of basketball stars raised in PG County and was "putting the finishing touches" on the project. 

Durant and his manager, Rich Kleiman, serve as the executive producers of the highly-anticipated piece.

With the sports world at a standstill amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Durant's feature will give sports fans something to put on their calendar.


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Zion Williamson, Pelicans snap Wizards 2K sim winning streak

Zion Williamson, Pelicans snap Wizards 2K sim winning streak

Entering Wednesday night, the 2K Wizards were riding a four-game winning streak. They had beat the Celtics, Suns, Bucks and Lakers over the course of two weeks and looked like they might not lose again. 

But as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. At the hands of Zion Williamson and the Pelicans, the virtual Wizards lost 65-57. 

Here's how the game went down and slipped through the Wizards' fingers. 

Terrible shooting

Multiple brick houses were built during the making of this sim. 

The Wizards and Pelicans couldn't buy a jumper all game, especially from beyond the three-point line. The two squads combined to shoot 2-for-31 from three, a scorching 6.5%. 

To put this in a real-life context, this would have nearly broken an NBA record for combined three-point percentage with a minimum of 30 attempts. The current NBA record is reluctantly held by the Celtics and Nets on a night in 2003 where the two teams shot a combined 2-for-32 from three. 

Bradley Beal went 0-7 from three, Brandon Ingram missed all six of his attempts and JJ Redick didn't make a triple either. Just a weird night from three-point for two teams who were both top-five in three-point percentage before the 2019-20 season was suspended. 

Zion dunks his way to a win

The thing about having Williamson on your team is that, in games like this where nobody can hit a jumper, the Pelicans' best player didn't have to make much of an adjustment. 

Williamson does most of his damage in the paint, whether he's putting his armpits in the rim on a duck, bullying defenders down low and finishing layups through them or wreaking havoc on the offensive glass. 

So in a game where the only real source of offense came in the paint, Zion was right at home. He finished with 26 points, six rebounds and three blocks, shot 13-for-17 from the floor and tallied seven dunks in the game. 

The Wizards will get a chance at revenge before the season is out, but the No. 1 overall pick got the best of them this time. 

Parting thoughts

Beal got his shot blocked three times in this game alone, continuing an interesting trend we've seen through a few of these simulations. Beal had his shot blocked 52 times during the regular season, which puts him at 44th most in the league. The 2K sims have been fairly accurate to this point, but it appears Beal is getting his shot sent back a bit too much. 

Rui Hachimura had another good game in the 2K sim and continues to prove how valuable his skill and mobility at his size can be in such a setting. The rookie forward finished with 15 points in 22 minutes and went 6-for-9 from the floor. 

Davis Bertans didn't attempt a three in 13 minutes of playing time. During the regular season, Bertans averaged one three-point attempt every three minutes, so it was definitely bizarre to see him on the floor and not launch a single shot from deep. 

Beal may have had a rough game statistically, scoring 20 points on 9-of-25 shooting, but he at least produced a few highlight dunks including one on Williamson. 

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