Markieff Morris has been working on controlling his emotions during games as one of the NBA's most T'd-up players, but on Monday night he heard something from Knicks rookie Mitchell Robinson that he just couldn't let slide.

Exactly what Robinson told him was not revealed by either player, but it was enough to push Morris over the edge and earn him an ejection in the first half of the Wizards' first game of the preseason.

Morris stopped short of repeating Mitchell's message, but that was the only thing he held back. Morris let it be clear that he does not like Mitchell, even though he had never heard of him before Monday's game.

"I didn't even know there was a Mitchell on their team," Morris said. “He’s a stupid-ass rookie talking too much... I'm supposed to be a bigger person, but what he said crossed the line as a man."

Though Morris got ejected for his second technical, Robinson also received one. The two were handed double-technicals after confronting each other at midcourt, an incident that was broken up by referees and other players.

Morris and Mitchell then continued to talk on the next possession with Morris bumping Mitchell while the two were waiting for the play to start. 

Mitchell insists that he was trying to ignore Morris. Whether that was the case or not, the referees evidently thought Morris was more culpable.


"He could have helped his team out if he just been quiet," Robinson said. "I didn't say nothing to him. He should've hushed and kept playing the game. He wanted to keep going, so he got [ejected]."

Morris and Mitchell had never met before, so it's hard to say if their feud will continue. That said, it is worth noting the Wizards and Knicks play again in exactly one week.