Wizards forward Markieff Morris has been around long enough to notice trends in the NBA, so he wasn't shocked at all when Isaiah Thomas got dealt from the Cavaliers to the Lakers on Thursday.

Morris said he saw it coming because of Thomas' recent comments about Cleveland's head coach Tyronn Lue not making in-game adjustments and other things he said about how his teammates ran away from adversity.


Morris has seen this story before.

"I just heard about it. It's not surprising for real, for real, with their struggles. There was just a lot being said. That's how it goes when you talk your way out of town. I feel like that's what happened," Morris said.

He's probably right. Not only was Thomas not playing well, he was creating a distraction off the court. His 14.7 points per game coupled with his 36.1 field goal percentage were not enough to put up with his divisive quotes in the media.


The Wizards, to be fair, are going through their own public display of dysfunction with John Wall going back and forth with Marcin Gortat and Bradley Beal on social media and through the press.


Morris, however, says what is going on with the Wizards is all overblown.

"At the end of the day, we've gotta be men. Whatever was said on social media and whatever was said on TV, you've gotta be with these guys everyday," Morris said. "We've gotta silence all the outsiders. It's not as deep as it seems. You'd be a fool to say that we're better without Wall. It doesn't make sense. That's how most of the guys feel. I don't even know how that occurred or how that even got out like that."