Mike Wilbon says Wizards should trade Beal to the Warriors for No. 2 pick, Wiggins


It's that time of year again — NBA Draft trade scenarios. And what do you know? Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal is being placed in some interesting trade packages. 

On the latest episode of the PTI podcast with Michael Wilbon and Frank Isola, the two discussed the report from ESPN's NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski that the Golden State Warriors "No. 2 [pick] is going to be very much in play in the trade market."

"If I was Washington, and I could get Andrew Wiggins and a pick, I might do it," Wilbon said. "Andrew Wiggins on the Warriors is the fourth most important player."

"He's a hell of a player when he's the fourth most important player, not so much when it's first or second," Wilbon said. "It changes the dynamic completely for Andrew Wiggins."

Insert a bit of confusion from this end. For one, Wiggins, 25, has been the epitome of underwhelming since being selected with the first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft. While his physical tools certainly suggest he should be an All-Star in this league, his track record has shown more instances of disappointment and lack of interest in the game of basketball, than the drive to be great. 

That's one thing you'll never hear anyone say on behalf of Beal. 


Since appointing Tommy Sheppard as the permanent general manager, the organization has placed a precedence on constructing a team of hardworking, dedicated players with outstanding character and more certainty than doubts.  


Secondly, Wilbon's analysis of the type of player Wiggins is doesn't sound like Washington would be getting a fair shake in the aforementioned deal. "He's a hell of a player when he's the fourth most important player, not so much when it's first or second," Wilbon said. Interestingly enough, if Washington were to acquire Wiggins for Beal, assuming the roster remains as currently constructed, Wiggins would be thrust into the position of the second most important player on the team, behind Wall. 

Especially with him being in the second season of a five-year $147 million contract (Beal's contract is 5/$127 million, Wall's 4/$171 million). 

While obtaining the second overall pick would be cool, expecting a 19-year-old, paired with Wiggins, to replace the production, leadership, and community impact of Beal is just asinine. 

Lastly, Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard, team owner Ted Leonsis, and the entire organization have been adamant about going through at least another season with Beal and point guard John Wall at full strength. Injuries have hampered the duo's time together for the last two seasons. With the addition of standout rookie Rui Hachimura, likely presence of sharpshooter Davis Bertans, and whoever is selected by the team in this upcoming draft, Washington is hopeful it can return to the level of success they've experienced in year's past and hopefully surpass it as well. 

With that being said - thanks Wilbon, but no thanks.