Harrell and Beal trash-talk about their AAU teams


WASHINGTON -- After the Wizards beat the Celtics on Saturday night to move to 5-1, their best start in 16 years, team public relations official Daren Jenkins grabbed a second chair and microphone to set up the podium. The media knew Bradley Beal and Montrezl Harrell were due to talk. That meant they would hold their press conferences together.

Given the way things went each of the first two times they doubled up, both reporters and Wizards fans knew everyone was in for a treat. They have become everyone's favorite postgame comedy duo, to the point they are openly clamoring for a nickname, a la 'Bobi and Tobi' (Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris) of national commercial fame. They are calling all Wizards fans to come up with one.

Hilarity ensued and it peaked after Harrell shared a heartfelt moment about having his AAU team, Team Trezz Raptors, in the stands at Capital One Arena. The kids got to see Harrell pop off for 20 points, 14 rebounds (five offensive) and a block. And during the game, they got a shoutout on the jumbotron. As they did, Harrell stepped away from the Wizards' timeout huddle to clap his hands in the air.

Harrell brought them up when asked about making his first three-pointer in three seasons, a half-court buzzer-beater to end the first half.

"I told my people today that today was gonna be a good day, man. Today was gonna be a good day, man. You know I had the homegrown family come down, my AAU kids got to come see me at the game. It was just a great blessing that I could do that for them," Harrell said. 


"It's something that kids from my area and where I'm from where we grow up, we're not supposed to see stuff like that. For them to actually come up and their family be here and actually be able to support me at a game, it's a big accomplishment."

Harrell grew up in Tarboro, NC. He thanked the team's manager, Terrence Taylor, calling him the "backbone" of his family. 

And that's when Beal chimed in. He waited patiently for Harrell to finish his comments before lifting his microphone to speak. Beal has his own AAU team called Brad Beal Elite and wanted to remind everyone how good they are.

Here's their exchange, which was soundtracked by a room full of laughing media members...

Beal: "Tell Terrence to bring his a-- up to St. Louis. We're gonna tap them boys."

Harrell: "It's all good, it's all good. John [Wall's team] done smelt some, [Chris Paul's team] done smelt it, Raymond Felton's team done smelt it. I mean, bring it."

Beal: "Man, we ain't from North Carolina. All those North Carolina teams [don't know]."

Harrell: "You know what's crazy? My team is the one that went to Nike Elite in [Atlanta] and we won it... you see 'Trezz?' Dog. Just like my team."

Beal: "What do you think my guys are?"

Harrell: "Little dog puppies, boy. I'm trying to tell you, boy. You don't want that smoke. We've gotta set that up. Brad Beal Elite vs. Trezz Raptors."

Beal: "Okay, let's lace them up then."

Harrell: "We don't run from no smoke. You can see my boys after this. They'll tell you themselves. We don't run from no smoke."

It's unclear if Beal took him up on that. But if their teams ever do play each other, that might be must-see TV, especially if Beal and Harrell can be in attendance. Just have to make sure they're mic'd up.