Harrell, Beal steal show at postgame press conference


As Montrezl Harrell answered questions after the Wizards’ 122-111 win over the Hawks, the door to the press conference room opened and Bradley Beal stuck his head in. 

“Hey, look who it is!” Harrell said with a smile. 

Then Beal sat next to Harrell and the two made up one of the funnier moments of the Wizards’ season to this point.

They answered questions about the game, each other’s wardrobe and getting along with teammates. Harrell even spoke in the third person.

First up was a question about the defensive end of the floor, to which Beal began to answer before Harrell jumped in. 

“You know what’s funny, Trez?” Beal turned and asked his teammate. “Last time I heard, miss is a lady. So I don’t know what a miss is.”

Then, Harrell answered for Beal.

“We’re not having Brad Beal out there to be a defensive stopper,” Harrell said. “That’s not him, hasn’t been him, the guy just came off scoring 50 all last year. So we’re not looking for him to go out there and shut down the best player, we got people that do that. As far as coach says, it’s more so him telling him to stay engaged. It’s not really a, ‘Hey Brad, you’ve got to go guard this person and stop this person.’”

The two combined for 52 points (Beal had 27 and Harrell had 25) in the win over the Hawks and showed more signs of being a strong one-two punch just games into Harrell’s career in Washington. 


Harrell also had 13 rebounds for his second double-double of the season.

“It’s a feel, but he’s very intelligent,” Beal said. “We talked about it after the game, he’s played with a lot of great players. A lot of great players. So he’s not coming into a blind situation. He’s very big so he knows that if he gives me the ball, he’ll get it right back. So he kind of figured out the cheat code.”

Then Harrell compared Beal to his former teammate, Lou Williams.

“I told them I’m tryin’ to recreate the Lou Will thing, bro,” Harrell said. “I just told them. And you younger...Hey, my boy just turned 35 (Wednesday). Brad only like, what, 28, 29? I’m tryin’ to tell you. We can recreate that.”

One of those recreations was a one-handed slam by Beal in the second half where, according to Harrell, he “turned that corner with some aggression.”

Harrell then added Beal would get on SportsCenter for his dunk, by singing the “Top 10 Plays” theme.

The two clearly have a chemistry with one another, to which Harrell responded “Trez get along with everybody, man.” Beal added that was a false narrative that Harrell didn't, and that needed to be cleaned up.

In fact, the only thing the two might disagree with is their wardrobe. The two were dressed similarly postgame and Harrell joked Beal has raided his closet.

“I told him he stay in my closet,” Harrell said. “I told you that, bruh, didn’t I tell you that? Somebody else done came and said it. I be hearin’ him when I’m sleep.”

Either way, their press conference was emblematic of a strong start, and good feelings, for the Wizards, who are 4-1 for the first time since the 2014-15 season. And the two players maybe having the most fun were on display at the postgame presser.

As they stood to leave, a reporter joked they needed a TV show together. There was a slight pause, and they ran with it.

“Hey, they gave Boban and Tobias one,” Harrell commented.

“We need one!” an interrupting Beal said.

And when “Bobi and Tobi” was brought up, Beal said, “Hey, that’s a hell of a name.” 

“Hey, c’mon,” Harrell said. “I ain’t playin’ with no goldfish in no commercial.”