Montrezl Harrell's philosophy on in-game selfies with fans


In the NBA, if a player wants to stay warm by using an exercise bike, often times that puts them in close proximity with fans. Sometimes, fans see it as an opportunity to take a picture and, sometimes, at very close range.

That happened to Wizards big man Montrezl Harrell in Houston on Tuesday night, as noted by Ava Wallace of the Washington Post. After the Wizards' loss to the Rockets, Harrell explained what happened and in doing so perhaps shared a lesson for the next fan who wants to snap a photo with him.

"I mean, honestly it’s a little annoying at times. I tell people if you want to take a selfie, knock yourself out, it’s your phone," Harrell said. "But don’t look at me and ask me to do that or interact with you in that setting because even though I’m out here and it’s just basketball to you, this is my job. I’m locked into the game plan, I’m locked into the court, cheering my teammates on and I’m rooting for them guys. I’m not really consumed with taking a selfie with a fan on the sideline at that point in time."

Harrell went on to say it was a bit of a different situation on Tuesday night, given they were in Houston where he began his NBA career. He appreciates the support he still receives from Rockets fans who watched him grow up in the league.


And Harrell made sure to clarify that he has no problem at all with taking selfies. It's just that there is a time and place for them.

"I don’t turn anybody away. I tell them do what you’ve gotta do. If you want to meet me after the game and get a selfie, that’s even better. But I don’t really pay it too much attention or let it bother me, really," Harrell said.

So, you can get a photo with Harrell if you catch him when his team isn't actively playing a game. Basically, he's not Dwayne Haskins.