Harrell has hilarious take on getting MVP chants


WASHINGTON -- Wizards fans fell in love with Montrezl Harrell so quickly that in his very first home game with the team he received MVP chants at the free throw line. Those chants have continued and they usually take place late in games when the Wizards are ahead.

That was the case on Monday night when the Wizards beat the Pelicans, but each time the fans chanted 'MVP, MVP,' he said it threw him off.

"Yeah, I hate it. I hate it. I ain't gonna lie to you, I hate it. Don't chant it until the second free throw, I'm not gonna lie to you," he joked.

Harrell went to the free throw line a team-high 11 times against New Orleans and knocked down seven of them. He had 15 points and four assists in 24 minutes.

One of the free throws he missed was with 9.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter. the Wizards were up 104-100 at the time, so he was trying to seal the victory.

The missed attempt was one where the MVP chants were raining down. He then made the second one.

"Just get me to the second free throw, man. Let me get the edge off with getting that first free throw down because it definitely plays with my head, like 'damn, what if I miss this free throw, they're chanting MVP.' And every time, I've done f---ing missed it," he said.

Harrell made these comments in a lighthearted tone, adding that he does appreciate the love from Wizards fans. He's not trying to discourage fans from doing it altogether.


"I love it, but I hate it," he said.

But maybe Wizards fans can follow his directions and coordinate the timing for home game moving forward. Harrell loves the support, just wait a bit before you give it to him.