There appears to be a lot of disrespect and underestimating done to the Washington Wizards with the tip-off of the NBA season still over a month away.

The latest comes in another ranking by the NBA 2K franchise. The video game ranked the Wizards the lowest of all NBA teams heading into the 2019-20 season.

HoopsHype did everyone a favor and compiled the entire list of team ratings. The Wizards garnered a 74.38, the worst in the league.

27. Phoenix Suns - 75.14
28. Charlotte Hornets - 75.00
29. Memphis Grizzlies - 74.93
30. Washington Wizards - 74.38

Worse than the Suns, who haven't won more than 24 games in four years. Worse than the Hornets, who traded away their best player in Kemba Walker. 

Come on, 2K. First, 2K kept Bradley Beal at an 87 rating despite putting up career-high numbers last season. Now this? 

There is no hiding that next year will be a trying season for Washington. But the worst? They were competing for a playoff spot up until the final month of the season last year. The base of their roster is essentially unchanged.

At least expectations are low and teams might not see them coming.