NBA 2K21 to feature new jump shot landings

© Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA 2K video game series has become one of the best and most popular sports simulation game franchises in history. On September 4, the newest installment makes its debut when NBA 2K21 is released.

Part of the excitement around the newest version of the game each year is seeing what improvements are made. While fans are always clamoring for improved online play and details of that nature, 2K also spends a ton of time adding small upgrades to the game experience year after year.

For NBA 2K21, the developers have thrown in some new celebrations following a made jump shot, and they are rather interesting.



From the "Bye Bye Bye" to the "Windmill" it's clear that 2K is making sure to cover every base when it comes to player celebrations. I personally am a fan of the "Takeoff" because it is just completely over the top. 

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The caption of the video mentioned that there are 40 new landings coming to the game, so one can only imagine what else players will do after sinking a bucket. Maybe we'll get to see 2K Bradley Beal hit a three and then do a cartwheel back down the court. That would be...something.