NBA GMs vote Beal as second-best SG in the league


Bradley Beal may not have made the All-Star team or been named to an All-NBA team last year, but he certainly has caught the attention of the NBA's general managers. 

In the annual NBA GM survey, Beal received the second-most votes for the question: "Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA." 

Ahead of him? Disgruntled Rockets star James Harden, who's won the last three scoring titles and has led the Rockets to the playoffs each of the last eight seasons. Harden received 68% of the vote, while Beal and Luka Doncic each got 11%.

1. James Harden (68%)

2. Bradley Beal (11%)

2. Luka Doncic (11%)

4. Jimmy Butler (7%)

5. Devin Booker (4%)

Beal and Doncic made up some ground on Harden in the last year, who captured 86% of the vote after coming in second in MVP voting behind Giannis Antetokounmpo. That'll happen when both Doncic and Beal averaged at or around 30 points per game and did just about everything for their teams offensively, similar to Harden's one-man show in Houston. 

Wizards players didn't show up prominently in many other places on the survey, though Russell Westbrook received votes for "Which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact?"

Rookie forward Deni Avdija also received votes for the GM's Rookie of the Year award predictions.