NBA Referees march against racism inside of NBA bubble


NBA players made history yesterday by boycotting playoff games while demanding systemic justice. The decision came after yet another act of police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin with the shooting of 29-year old Jacob Blake. 

While questions of 'what's next?' have arisen within the NBA bubble amongst all in attendance, one thing that's certain is that everyone is on board with the sentiment that something has to change. 

Keeping the conversation going, the NBA Referees marched at 9 am ET "against racism and grieve for the black lives taken too soon." They also wore tees that featured the statement 'Everybody vs. Racism.'

“We’re here because we feel like our group is a representation of America, or what America could be. This is not right vs left, this is right vs wrong," one of the officials stated.

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After the players decided to boycott Wednesday's playoff games, the NBA Referees stood in support of their decision.

According to the latest report from ESPN's NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski "there's optimism about a majority of players wanting to continue playoffs."