Welcome to the first edition of NBA Twitter, explained, where we try to break down what weird tweet just took the NBA world by storm. 

Is this the most ‘meta’ moment of 2019? 

Firstly, google ‘meta’ and come back. Pause. Ok, now that you’re caught up, let’s get to what might be the weirdest and quite possibly the coolest moment of the 2019 NBA Finals that happened to be captured in the Roman Colosseum of social media apps, Twitter. 

As we all know, Drake is a courtside staple at Toronto Raptors games. He never misses a chance to show his support for ‘the 6’, regardless of the circumstances. As expected for the NBA Finals, the first for the Raptors, we knew Drake would elevate his troll ... I mean support for his team. 

For Game 1, he showed up wearing an autographed Toronto Raptors Dell Curry jersey. Troll level 7/10.

Sunday night, however, he took courtside trolling to new heights, surpassing the attention garnered by the attendance of former President Barack Obama, by donning a custom hoodie with the iconic image of Kevin McAllister from ‘Home Alone’, aka Macaulay Culkin, plastered on the back. 

So what did this gesture mean?

It was an obvious jab a Kevin Durant, who didn’t play in Game 2 due to a calf injury.

The hoodie managed to get the attention of Culkin himself who then tweeted to Drake, “Hey @Drake I'm right here, bro. DM me. See you at the BBQ.”


What does that tweet mean?

Though it seems weird that Culkin wasn't sitting courtside right next to Drake if he was at the game -- which the tweet seems to imply (after all, doesn't he also have an endless amount of money?), it's a pretty good shot at Drake's ever-wavering loyalty to his team. "See you at the bbq" is a hilarious reference to Drake being friends with the Warriors, even as he attempts to troll them.

Whether or not you’re into this sort of thing, one thing is for certain: the NBA in 2019 has just as much action off the court as it does on it. It’s anyone’s guess as to what lies in store for Game 3. Perhaps Drake shows up in a Louisville Cardinals jersey in honor of his best friend Draymond Green? We can hope, can’t we?