Now that the NBA has chosen the Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida as the location to restart the 2019-20 NBA season many ideas have been bounced around to create the best experience for fans.

With that in mind, DC Sports Live's Nick Ashooh and Wes Hall came up with some cool and unique ideas that could capitalize on the current circumstances we are living in while simultaneously giving the NBA fans a never-before-seen experience. It's time, they say, for a reality show. Or a documentary. Whatever the NBA wants to call it.


The buzz of getting back to basketball ignited the conversation Nick and Wes shared. Here's their conversation about it:

Wes: We've got 22 teams, nine from the East Conference and 13 from the West Conference. We have to include players, front office personnel, league personnel, and players' families. A lot, right?

Nick: Sure. But the cameras will spend most time following the players. Big names. You'll have a few people that become interesting like on "Hard Knocks", but in the end, I care about seeing what LeBron James is doing in his downtime or Joel Embiid riding a roller coaster in Disney World. They HAVE to have them get on rides at Disney World.

Wes: Cool. We'll zoom into those big-name stories and feature not only the game but the multiple adjustments necessary to pull this off. If they don't show Javale McGee in the Tea Cups we'll have a problem! I need it in my life lol I also need EVERYONE mic'd up!


Nick: This could work as a reality show or documentary really. After the Jordan doc people would LOVE to watch this. There's more than seeing players in their personal lives in a biodome-like bubble setup too. What is Giannis [Antetokounmpo] doing hours before a game? What does Bradley Beal eat? As weird as it is, people would care about that. You'd also get a chance to get a more in-depth reaction to a game than just a post-game presser

Wes: Absolutely! Never before and probably never again would fans get such contained access over an extended period of time. Can we get reality-show testimonials, too? Live fan voting as well? 

Nick: Well you'd need a host. Like Survivor-style. Clearly you and I should take this role since this is our idea. Testimonials are key. I also want to see if anyone would have a taller pour than MJ did when he sat down

Wes: *calls agent*

Wes: I'm also wanting to see three games simultaneously running with play-by-play for all. Talk about system overload.

Nick: Split screen? Yeah, that's a true test to a play-by-play guy's talent. Another idea: having players who are waiting to play sitting in the stands like March Madness and getting real-time reaction from them on what they see in the game they're watching

Wes: We're talking about the NBAAU (my copyright lol)...that's what ball is all about! Split screen, four box... whatever it takes!

Nick: As this setup goes on, sure there's gonna be drama too. Just like any reality show, someone like Patrick Beverly will tick someone off and we'll get a lot more behind-the-scenes of all that. Maybe that's where the fan voting is... "Who's right in this argument?"

Wes: Love that idea! Another must-have is the player food/cafeteria. No greater place to trash talk than the school cafe!

Nick: This feels like such a high school or college set up. I'm here for all of it. It's also a chance to see what coaches and staff are doing. We have to get meetings, maybe film sessions too. Not to mention all the extra steps that have to be taken to keep players safe. That list is endless

Wes: I want it all!!! Let's add players reading fan tweets between games.

Nick: We also could bring back MTV Cribs...you know these suites are gonna be HUGE for certain guys

Wes: YES!!!! Big golf carts and all!

Nick: Player arrivals are still important. Now it's about how they show up to the bubble-like spring training or training camp already has


Wes: Definitely keeping arrivals! Let's add "Take your shot' where fans get to give their coaching strategy in real-time tweets

Nick: Oh I'm sure Twitter will bring in nothing but well thought out ideas...

Wes: Oh Twitter...

Nick: Honestly this could be a reality show that then turns into a documentary. Why limit ourselves? You have more than enough to cover where the show comes out faster than the offseason has the doc.

Nick: This way there are things that we see happen in real-time on the court and get more backstory later.

Wes: Exactly. The opportunities are boundless. The best part of all of this is the fact that there will still be a champion crowned and that team will go down in history with the weirdest championship run in NBA history! Who will win the NBA Battle in the Bubble... that is the only question remaining. 

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