Nets, 76ers losses remind us of how lucky D.C. fans were for run


Sometimes in life, we take things for granted. You've done it. I've done it. It's human nature. 

What happened this past weekend in the NBA proved once again just how hard it is to win a championship.

The Sixers and Nets both had championship aspirations (one of them even had Kevin Durant and James Harden and Kyrie Irving), and both fell short of even making the Eastern Conference Finals. Whether it was injuries to stars, or other stars suddenly afraid to take a shot, both fan bases today are left to wonder not only what could have been, but now what could happen this offseason. 

Seeing those Nets and Sixers letdowns should make us appreciate the District of Champions era that much more in Washington. 

Not saying that you didn't, but let's be honest, we got so caught up in the early playoff losses for the Wizards and Capitals, add that to the Nationals just trying to climb back to .500, and we become prisoners of the moment.

It doesn't mean fans are wrong to hold every D.C. team to a certain standard. You should. What's the point of being a fan if you're fine with mediocrity?

There's also the big picture view in all this though. We've now sat on both sides of the table, celebrating championships, and dealing with unfulfilled expectations.

Obviously, we can all agree on which seat is better. 

It's why when I hear people ask "how long is too long to celebrate those championships?", my answer is always the same -- never. 


Being a sports fan means suffering. It just comes with the territory. Working through the lows is what makes the highs so much sweeter. 

Luckily for DC sports fans, we have plenty of recent highs to keep us going. Because as we saw in Philly and Brooklyn, it doesn't matter how talented your team is. Winning a championship is just insanely difficult.