Dinwiddie confident in rehab from ACL injury


Modern medicine has come so far that ACL injuries aren't what they used to be in sports. Thankfully, they no longer represent a doomsday scenario. The fact Spencer Dinwiddie only partially tore the ACL in his right knee should also help his cause.

Still, there are some question marks for the new Wizards point guard, who joined the team in free agency despite having not played in a game since his surgery in January. Dinwiddie, though, expects to be ready when the Wizards need him to be.

"I anticipate being full-go for the regular season and training camp and all that stuff," he said during his introductory press conference on Monday.

Dinwidde, 28, joined the Wizards via a sign-and-trade with the Brooklyn Nets. He got injured in their third game of the season, but was hopeful to return during the playoffs.

The Nets being eliminated in the second round altered those plans.

"I got cleared just prior to, I believe it was the conference finals. I anticipated a ramp-up before the Finals if my former team, Brooklyn, was fortunate enough to make it that far. Obviously, the season ended. With that being said, I continued my workout schedule. What I didn't advance to was 5-on-5, playing and things like that because we were waiting to sign the contract, obviously just out of abundance of caution. Just in terms of medically, I'm cleared," Dinwiddie said.

Dinwiddie said Dr. Riley Williams III, the surgeon who did the procedure on his ACL, has been in contact with the Wizards' medical staff to discuss the plan going forward. He also believes having the experience of tearing his other ACL in college has helped the process.


"It's a much easier one than I had before. That's why I was so bullish on my timeline," Dinwiddie said.

"I feel great in workouts. Obviously, the next step is to get into live play which will happen when I get off of vacation. Well, I estimate will happen when I get off of vacation. Sorry, doctor. We have different ideas on that. Yeah, I don't see any reason why I won't be in the starting lineup to start the season in October."