Several details of how the NBA plans to resume it's 2019-20 season under a bubble-like atmosphere next month in Orlando were released on Tuesday in a health and safety manual sent by the NBPA to its players. 

The Athletic's Shams Charania obtained the memo, and detailed several things that will be different as the league hopes to restart the season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are five noteworthy things from the memo:

1. No spitting or congregating

According to the memo, players are not allowed to spit, clear their throat, lick their hands or wipe the ball with their jersey while they are on the court. Additionally, no players are allowed to unnecessarily touch their mouthguards (it's a good thing Steph Curry isn't playing).

2. Testing right away

Upon arrival in Orlando, which teams will do over a three-day span from July 7-9, players will remain isolated in their rooms until they return two negative PCR tests with over 24 hours in between each one.

Until then, all players will remain in their hotel rooms.

3. Proximity alarm

The league is requiring all team and league staff to wear a proximity alarm, which will buzz if one person who is wearing the alarm stands within six feet of another person wearing the alarm for five seconds or more.

This is being implemented to maintain the six-foot distance between people to properly social distance, according to the CDC's guidelines.

While this alarm is mandatory for all team and league staff, it is reportedly optional for players.



4. Oura smart ring

In addition to the proximity alarm, players are given the choice to wear an Oura smart ring, should they choose to do so. This ring may help detect whether players are experiencing early symptoms of the coronavirus.

Additionally, this ring will keep track of each player's temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and other measures.


5. Dining

Players are not allowed to eat meals with players from other teams until Phase 4B of the Disney Plan, which begins at the earliest July 9 and goes through July 21. 

During this phase, players will be allowed to eat with non-teammates, but all meals must be eaten outside.

Until the end of Phase 4B, players are asked to keep contact with players that are residing outside of their hotels to a minimum.

6. Fans?

While there won't be any spectators from outside the bubble in attendance, players are allowed to attend other team's games. 

Instead of having to rely on just film, players can watch the action live from just several feet away. In-person scouting has just gone to a completely new level.

Bonus: No one is permitted to leave campus, but the league expects the majority of players to stay on the grounds.

Wizards star John Wall said he would not partake in the league's restart even if he was not battling injuries. The Wizards will enter the bubble with the worst record and face an uphill climb to break into the 5.5 game deficit they face for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. 

You can read The Athletic's full report on the memo here.

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