The NBA released the full, 82-game regular season schedule on Friday for the Washington Wizards. Here is a breakdown of their schedule by the numbers...


That's how many back-to-backs the Wizards will play this season, a few ticks up from the league average of 13.3. They have four back-to-backs in the month of March alone and a brutal stretch in late December with three back-to-backs in a span of 12 days from the 18th to the 29th.

The Wizards play the Celtics and Sixers three times apiece this season instead of four. Given those are expected to be the top two teams in the conference, that means several things. For one, they will see the best teams one less time, which is arguably a good thing. Secondly, they can't finish with a 2-2 head-to-head record against either team. That will make tiebreakers for playoff seeding easier and even more important than they usually are.


The Wizards do not have any games on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, three of the biggest holidays during the NBA season. Per tradition, they do play on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. They will host the Detroit Pistons at 2 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 21.


The Wizards will travel over 45,000 miles this season as they hop from city to city and make a stop in London for their game against the New York Knicks on Jan. 17. The circumference of planet Earth is 24,901 miles, meaning the Wizards will travel nearly twice the miles it would take to go around the world.



Because that game in London against the Knicks is a home game for the Wizards, they only have 40 games set for Capital One Arena. That means they will have one less game at their home arena than everyone else in the NBA. 


That 'home' game in London is part of the longest 'homestand' for the Wizards this season. They begin on Jan. 9 against the Sixers and finish with the Warriors on Jan. 24, a span of 16 days. They will also see the Bucks, Raptors and Pistons during that stretch. The Knicks are likely to be bad, but that is an otherwise difficult run of top teams.


The Wizards' longest road trip will last nine days, from Oct. 22 to Oct. 30. It starts with the third game of the season as the Wizards go to Portland to see the Blazers. They then play at the Warriors, Kings, Clippers and Grizzlies. Some of those teams may not be good this season, but any West Coast trip will be taxing on the body and mind for players.


John Wall and the Wizards will have 21 games against All-Star point guards. They will see every team, of course, but that includes four times against Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic and Kemba Walker. 

The Wizards have eight national TV games this season, five on ESPN and three on TNT. They begin with the Thunder at home on Nov. 2 and end with the Celtics, also at home, on April 9. That's the final game of the regular season. The Wizards will also see the Warriors, Bucks, Pacers, Heat and Celtics one more time on national TV. Their eight games are way down from the 18 they had last year and that might work out well for them. Wall and the Wizards seem to operate well when they feel like they are being overlooked. Plus, more games on NBC Sports Washington is always a good thing.

Keely Diven contributed to this report

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