Paul George says Westbrook was the key to his best season


If the way Paul George talks about his former teammate Russell Westbrook is any indication, the Wizards acquiring Westbrook could be very good news for Bradley Beal.

George is on track to be a Hall of Famer and his best season was in 2018-19, when he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He explained on the 'All the Smoke' podcast why Westbrook was a very important reason for that.

Playing alongside a guy as relentless and competitive as Westbrook brought out the best version of himself.

"Honestly, it's the reason why I had the best season of my career playing with him because I can play with somebody like that. I don't care, people say 'oh he can't do this or he can't do that.' I can play with a m----------- who's going to leave it on the floor every night. It pushes me, it challenges me to play hard every night," George said.

"I love that about him. He didn't care what people said. He never got tired. His energy level was crazy. I would be admiring, like literally be in the game like 'wow, he did this? He can do that?' I used to just admire that [expletive]. I'm forever gonna be in Russ' corner. Russ is a brother for life."

George went on to say that Westbrook showed him how to raise his game up another level after he had already made four All-Star teams with the Indiana Pacers. Playing with someone who was better than him helped elevate his own game.


Maybe the same thing can happen with Beal. He's already made two All-Star teams, but Westbrook has done that nine times, as well as won an MVP award and two scoring titles. He will raise the bar higher for Beal, who has continued to ascend over the past five years.