PHOTO: Wizards fans dream of Giannis to D.C.


Giannis Antetokounmpo may have told Yahoo! after his Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs on Tuesday that a trade from Milwaukee "is not happening," but that doesn't mean people can't dream.

As fans ponder trade scenarios, social media was flooded with Photoshop pictures of Antetokounmpo in different jerseys. Someone even made a graphic with him playing for the Wizards, forming a Big Three with John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Antetokounmpo, who is likely to win his second straight MVP trophy soon, only has one year left on his contract, meaning the Bucks are facing the prospect of losing him in free agency in the not so distant future. Given they just lost in the second round, which is much earlier than the Bucks were expected to advance, it is not surprising people are speculating about Antetokounmpo's morale.

But given his comments after Tuesday's game, it sounds unlikely he is going anywhere at all. Maybe next year, Wizards fans.