WASHINGTON -- After the Wizards took out the Hornets on Friday night, shooting guard Jordan McRae was asked early in his meeting with the media about what was arguably the play of the game, a powerful slam by McRae that was all over Hornets forward Marvin Williams.

McRae called it "cool," but said he would have to see the highlight to judge whether it was the best of his career.

"I'll let you know tomorrow," McRae said.

What the cameras didn't catch, however, was a detail no one would want to see. When McRae dunked the ball, the pin in his surgically repaired right ring finger came out of the skin.

"So, I've gotta get that checked out," he said.

That does not sound fun. McRae had surgery to repair a mallet fracture in his finger in October and has been playing with a splint. Shooting and dribbling is no problem at this point, but he was playing while knowing that hard contact could affect the pin.

McRae's dunk happened with just under 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter and despite the pin getting dislodged, he ended up with 13 points and scored seven of the Wizards' final 12 as they closed out the victory. 

Perhaps the pain will set in later on, but the way he finished seems like a good sign his availability won't be affected by the pin mishap. Then again, that's easy to say for those of us who have never had a pin inserted in their finger.