On any given night in the NBA, it is rather commonplace to have a celebrity appearance boost the basketball viewing experience. It’s the best basketball on the planet. Why wouldn’t it attract the best entertainers and celebrities in the world?

It’s what regularly occurs during the 82-game season, but we all know the temperature gets turned up a few degrees when the playoffs arrive. 

In this year’s NBA Finals game 3 at Oracle Arena, we were graced with the presence of The Carters.

Not Former President Jimmy Carter and his family. Not NFL Hall-of-Fame Wide Receiver Cris Carter and his family. Not Linda Carter and her family. Nope. I’m talking about THE Carters, Beyonce and Jay-Z! 

Whether you are a fan of theirs or not, you must admit they hold a royal court at the intersection of music and sports and have done so for many years.

That being known, it’s a wonder how some fans forget some of the etiquette required for being in their presence. Even more troubling is when they forget it while sitting directly next to them. 

Wednesday night, Nicole Curran, wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, found herself in a situation that both quickly appeared to rattle Beyonce and subsequently beckoned the Beyhive to swarm. See below.

Nobody wants it with the Beyhive. Nobody!

They’re so wild, Nicole said she deactivated her IG page due to abuse from Beyonce fans. According to ESPN’s Ramoma Shelburne, this is what actually occurred:

Obviously her intentions were noble, but we must all be aware that cyber-bullying is an unfortunate reality in the world we live in.

Nicole wasn't wrong and shame on those who threatened her and made her feel wrong. Let's be better. 

So as a precaution for anyone else in the future, I have compiled some fun rules that may help down the line should you find yourself sitting next to Queen Bey and/or Jay-Z for some NBA action.

Remember, this is fun.

1. Smile! I shouldn’t have to tell you how many eyes, lights and cameras are going to be fixated near you. You’re sitting next to a billion dollars wrapped in one, if not two, of the greatest entertainers of our time. Act like you’ve been there before, or at least try to smile through your state of shock.

2. Beware of personal space! This rule is what provoked this article. You never know someone’s feelings concerning personal space or their reaction to the intrusion therein. The best advice I can offer you is to remember the halo surrounding them at all times, and respect it with all of your might.

3. Ask for the obligatory picture that you so desperately want. This rule is here to protect you more than grant you access, and it comes with an additional rule as well.

You know you want a picture and they know you want one, too. Ask, with the utmost courtesy, for it. Once, not twice, just once!

Here’s the kicker/second rule: if they decline your offer, you must respect their wish. And, don’t try to sneak a shot. It’s rude and tacky.

4. Speak to no one about the glorious things you’ll hear. I have no idea what they would discuss while watching the game, but I can guarantee you that your proximity to them is tantamount to an understood non-disclosure agreement. Mum’s the word. Keep it that way.

5. Address them as Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Don’t scream out their first name expecting a warm reception unless you already have that relationship with them.

No, just because you’re a super-fan or believe they are ‘family’ does not grant you any privileges. Respect them and more than likely you’ll receive it back, in bounty.


Bonus Rule

Quietly tweet or text your friends and ask them to screenshot you, or any part of you, sitting next to Beyonce and Jay-Z. Since this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, you must make sure the world can validate your experience.

It would be great to get your face in the shot, but a shoulder or some shoes and kneecaps will suffice.

This may feel like a violation of Rule #3, but it’s not. It’s a respectful way to document the occasion without risking any potential embarrassment due to rejection. This is your moment. Seize it with dignity and class, but please seize the moment!