The history of the Wizards/Bullets franchise may not be synonymous with the success and tradition of teams like the Lakers and Celtics, but when it comes to jerseys and logos and style, how many NBA teams have been better?

Obviously, it's a very subjective topic, which jerseys look best. But between the old school Bullets jerseys from the 70s and 80s to the simple, yet timeless Bullets uniforms of the 90s, to the Gilbert Arenas-era Wizards to the modern day look that combines different periods of their history; Washington teams have always looked good even though at times they didn't play like it.

With that in mind, we have compiled a top-10 ranking of the best jerseys. This isn't simply about the best style of jersey. This is more specific, like the best individual jerseys to own.

Think about it like this; the jerseys that if you saw at a bar or a concert (remember those?) you would be most impressed by. These are jerseys that either embody great players, look cool or represent something random and fun in franchise history.

Thanks to the Wizards fans out there who shared their opinions on Twitter for this list...

1. Michael Jordan Bullets throwback

Yes, the GOAT also has the GJOAT, the Greatest Jersey of All Time. This one had everything. It was worn by the best player of all-time who played two very fun years in Washington and lifted the franchise to its peak in worldwide popularity. It was a Bullets jersey and one from way back in time. The No. 23 is iconic and hasn't been worn by a Wizards player since Jordan retired. And the colors are just great. 


2. Chris Webber red Bullets (No. 2) 1990s

You probably could have guessed the 90s Bullets jerseys would rank pretty high on this list, it was just a matter of which player. Since Chris Webber was the star of those teams, he gets the nod and with the No. 2 jersey. Everyone remembers Webber as No. 4, but longtime Wizards/Bullets fans know that he began his career in Washington as No. 2 because No. 4 was taken by veteran Scott Skiles. Whether it's No. 2 or No. 4, a Webber red Bullets jersey is iconic in D.C. sports.

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3. Gilbert Arenas white 2000s Wizards

The blue and gold era of Wizards jerseys always seemed to be controversial as uniforms go. Some people loved them, while many hated them, hence why they were ultimately redesigned. But there is little disagreement with this simple fact: Arenas made them cool. And though some might argue the blue away jerseys were better, consider the fact Arenas hit most of his game-winners in the home whites. They also seemed to be a little more timeless than the blue version.

4. Elvin Hayes blue 1970s Bullets

You don't see them all that often at Wizards games, but every once in a while a fan will walk by with a 1970s Bullets jersey and they are just a beautiful sight. The red, white and blue with the stripes which were very 70s NBA, plus the fact there were several legends who wore them make that era of Bullets jerseys a great one. And why Elvin Hayes? Well, if you watch back the 1978 NBA Finals, he was clearly the fan-favorite. A 12-time All-Star and Hall of Famer, Hayes' jersey will always be a good one to have in the collection.


5. John Wall Stars-and-stripes 2010s

You know we had to include these even though they are now out of circulation and weren't for sale to the public when fans were clamoring for them. But those stars-and-stripes jerseys from the 2016-17 season were all-timers. They were instant hits among fans in a way you don't often see with alternate jerseys. And they were, of course, worn by John Wall when he hit the game-winning shot in 2017 to beat the Celtics in Game 6 of their second-round playoff series. These jerseys were part of the best Wizards memory in a long time.

6. Wes Unseld white 1970s Bullets

We had to get Unseld on this list. He is also a Hall of Famer and the most accomplished player in franchise history with league MVP and Finals MVP trophies on his mantle. He also was a coach and general manager of the team and overall a great ambassador for the franchise. Much like the Hayes jersey, this one honors a legend and is super 70s at the same time.

7. Caron Butler gold Wizards 2000s

Now, for some controversy. For a lot of people, the gold alternate Wizards jerseys from the 2000s were ones to forget. People hated the fact the shorts were a different color (black) than the tops and some argued they didn't look like NBA uniforms. But don't listen to those people because they are wrong. The gold jerseys were great and the Wizards should still break them out from time to time today. Aside from purely looking good, they were the jerseys worn when Arenas set the franchise record for points in a single game with 60 against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers back in 2006. Arenas made them look great, but so did Caron Butler and Tuff Juice gets the nod here. 

8. Bradley Beal black District City Edition 2010s


The Wizards have had some great alternates over the years and the latest was the black 'The District' city edition kits from the 2018-19 season. That was not a great year for the franchise with all the losing and dysfunction, but at least they did all of it in style. And Bradley Beal was particularly good that season, so he gets the honor.

9. God Shammgod blue Wizards late 1990s

Okay, time for something random. God Shammgod has become sort of a cult hero over the years for his ball-handling ability. He popularized a dribble move called the Shammgod and is still featured to this day in documentaries like this one produced by Bleacher Report. Shammgod is currently a member of the Mavericks' coaching staff, but a lot of people may not realize he did actually play in the NBA. The Wizards drafted Shammgod in the second round back in 1997 and he appeared in 20 games for them before going overseas. And with that name, his jersey now is the ultimate conversation-starter.

10. Muggsy Bogues/Manute Bol/Earl Boykins/Gheorghe Muresan

Tenth on this list is a group of players, not just one, but all four are on this list for the same reason. The Wizards/Bullets franchise happens to have a deep history of finding guys that are either abnormally short or tall. They had both Muggsy Bogues (5'3") and Earl Boykins (5'5"), the shortest players in NBA history. And they had Gheorghe Muresan (7'7") and Manute Bol (7'6"), two of the tallest players in league history. Muresan remains the tallest NBA player of all-time and Bol held that distinction while he was an active player. The Wizards have also had other really tall players like Ralph Sampson (7'4") and Peter John Ramos (7'4") as well as other short guys like Isaiah Thomas (5'9"). For some reason, physical outliers are the Wizards' thing, and they make for some cool stories behind the jerseys they wore.

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