This reason why Paul George missed Wizards game may surprise you


One reason a professional athlete having to be sidelined you may relate to: consuming too much caffeine. 

That's exactly what happened to Paul George, who said that was the true reason he sat out of the Clippers' final game before the NBA All-Star break, not "dizziness" as had been listed on the injury report. The Wizards ended up winning 119-117 last Thursday. 

“I had too much caffeine,” George said. “It made me reel jittery and sped me up. A lesson learned on that situation, never have too much caffeine too close on back to back (games)." 

Many have felt the aftermath of having one too many cups of coffee and the unfavorable jolt of energy that can cause. Though George opted not to disclose how he consumed the caffeine, it's certainly a lesson learned for the 30-year-old forward. 

It ended up working out well for the Wizards that night. Washington avenged its Feb. 23 blowout loss behind a 33-point performance and some clutch buckets from Bradley Beal. For George, he quickly got over his over-caffeination to play 26 minutes and score 17 points in Sunday night's All-Star game. 

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