Report: Beal receives rare no-trade clause in contract

Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal not only got a lot of money in his new 5-year, $251.1 million contract with the Wizards, but he also reportedly received a rare, full no-trade clause, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.

Marks also reports Beal has a player option for the fifth year on the deal, which is estimated at $57.1 million. That would be his age-33 season. Beal also has a 15% trade kicker in the contract.

The no-trade clause is most noteworthy here, in part because of its rarity. According to Marks, Beal is just the 10th player in NBA history to have a no-trade clause. He is the only active player to have one, as just to qualify players need eight years of NBA service and at least four years with the team they are signing with.

Many stars around the league have changed teams, therefore losing their ability to have a no-trade clause. Beal, however, has been with the Wizards for 10 seasons, ever since he was drafted third overall in 2012.

The Wizards will hope Beal's no-trade clause never becomes a factor, of course. Giving him the contract that they did is a clear sign they want him around for the long haul.

But it gives Beal even more leverage than other NBA stars if he and the Wizards ever get to a point where a trade is possible. Beal would officially be able to prevent a trade to any team he doesn't want to join.


Again, though, that is only if things don't go as planned. The Wizards and Beal are committed to each other for the foreseeable future. Beal just has a bit more control of his situation than most players do.