Report: NBA play-in tournament to remain for 2021-22 season


The NBA playoff play-in tournament is set to take place for the third straight season, as the league and NBPA have agreed to greenlight the exciting format ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Friday. 

The play-in tournament involves the 7-10 seeds vying for the seventh and eighth playoff spots. The Wizards qualified for this season's play-in tournament with a 34-38 record. They fell to the Celtics and ultimately dominated the Pacers en route to securing the Eastern Conference's No. 8 and final playoff seed. The Wizards won one game in their first-round series against top-seeded Philadelphia. 

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"We were really pleased with the early results from the play-in tournament. In addition to the series of incredibly exciting games we had with the actual play-in games themselves, it changed teams’ behavior in the latter part of the season. For example, this year with two weeks to go in the season, we still had 24 teams that were in contention for playoff positioning, which is an all-time record for the league," NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller in May

Aimed at including more fanbases around the league in the most exciting time of the year and discourage teams from the merits of tanking, the play-in tournament was well received by fans and media alike. With the Board of Governors expected to formally approve the matter in a vote during their August meeting, Silver and company may also be looking at the possibilities of adding a midseason tournament to increase viewership and competitiveness during the regular season.