Report: Beal receives COVID-19 vaccine


While he continues to sit out games in the NBA's health and safety protocols, Wizards star Bradley Beal has reportedly received a vaccine for COVID-19, according to the Washington Post.

Beal had previously expressed hesitancy to get vaccinated, but has evidently changed his mind.

Beal may end up explaining his reasoning publicly, but there have been some external factors that have changed since he made headlines with his comments regarding COVID-19 vaccines on media day in September.

Washington, D.C. has announced a citywide vaccine mandate which will go into effect on Jan. 15, which will affect anyone who enters Capital One Arena for indoor events. Laws in other jurisdictions have also changed, notably in Toronto where starting Jan. 15 unvaccinated players of away teams will not be able to travel to play against the Raptors. Though the Wizards have already played both of their games at Toronto during the regular season, it could have become a problem down the line in the playoffs.

This isn't the first time Beal's status has been affected by the coronavirus. He also had to sit out the Summer Olympics in August due to a positive test while training with Team USA.

When Beal explained why he wasn't vaccinated in September, he did leave the door open that he could change his stance down the road. Apparently, that is now the case.