After a month of no NBA games, and with the uncertainty of when they will be played next, Wizards forward Rui Hachimura took time to reflect on his rookie season during a Q&A on the team's Twitter account Tuesday night.

He said one of the biggest adjustments from college to the pros was the sheer amount of games, which is common for NBA newbies, but he also mentioned all the things that come with an NBA player's lifestyle.

There is a lot more going on off the court in the NBA once money is involved and business opportunities can come about. And for Hachimura, that is taken to another level with his fame in Japan and the international sponsorships that have followed.


In his first year as an NBA player, Hachimura has learned some things about work/life balance.

"Off the court, I think there is more attention. There is a whole country following me right now. It's a good thing, but I've gotta focus on my stuff," he said. "Especially compared to college, it's professional here. I can do other stuff, too. Like, I can have sponsorships, but those are not my real job. Basketball is my real job. I think those are the stuff I have to focus on, how much I can control for myself."


Hachimura says he has received advice from teammate Bradley Beal on dealing with all of the off-court noise. Beal was a high draft pick, just like Hachimura, and has developed into an All-Star.

He may not share the experience of what Hachimura has in Japan, but he does know what it's like to deal with attention and fame.

"Brad is one guy I'm always looking at. I talk to him about basketball, off the court and everything. He's a great leader of the team," Hachimura said.

You can watch the full Q&A right here:

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