Rui Hachimura unveils incredible Cherry Blossom sneakers vs. Nets


As the calendar approaches the late-March-to-mid April part of the year, Washington D.C. becomes known for a few things.

Nationals baseball returns to The District, snow shovels and winter jackets can finally be put away and, most notably, the beloved cherry blossoms return to the city for a few beautiful weeks.

In honor of the festive season, Wizards forward Rui Hachimura unveiled an impressive sneaker design against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, with his kicks featuring pink blossoms.

NBC Sports Washington's Wizards Pregame Live Crew were big fans of the look. It's hard not to be. 

For those who need a refresher on why the cherry blossoms matter so much to D.C., the beautiful tree that features a cherry and pink petals bloom right around the beginning of spring. Originally a gift from the Japanese government in 1912, the plants have now become a major attraction bringing thousands of tourists to the city during non-pandemic times.

People from all over come to D.C. in March and April to see the Cherry Blossom trees at full bloom, and the city has embraced it with an annual festival. This year, March 20-April 11 will be filled with "virtual and personal elements" to celebrate a new season of cherry blossoms. Crowds might not pack the Tidal Basin the way they normally could, but the blossoms will still burst as always. 

For Hachimura, the sneakers symbolize his heritage. Growing up in Japan and now playing basketball in the District, his shoes pay tribute to a tree that links the two nations.


Though most likely a custom look, plenty of fans would love to get their hands on them.