Westbrook accounted for 20 of the Wizards' first 21 points vs. Grizzlies


When Russell Westbrook is at his best, he's controlling almost every aspect of the game with his scoring, passing and defensive activity. On Tuesday night against the Grizzlies, the nine-time All-Star started the game doing just that. 

In his first stint on the floor, Westbrook scored nine points, dished five assists and recorded two steals in about six minutes of playing time. Once he subbed out of the game, he had either scored or assisted on nearly all 21 of the Wizards' points. A Moe Wagner free throw was the lone omission from Westbrook's stat line.

In playing the Grizzlies, Westbrook was playing against a modern-day version of himself with Ja Morant. Morant has quickly become one of the most electric stars in the game, utilizing his burst off the dribble, elevation at the rim and sharp instincts to make plays for his teammates just like Westbrook has his whole career. 

The vet still has a few tricks up his sleeve, however.