Russell Westbrook wants to 'make the game easy' for Bradley Beal


The recent trade that landed nine-time All-Star Russell Westbrook in the nation's capital beside prolific scorer Bradley Beal has many wondering how the on-court pairing is going to work out.

According to Westbrook, the two will work out just fine as it's on him to help elevate the Beal.

"It’s going to be a learning process. Brad’s going to have to learn me but most importantly I’m going to have to learn Brad because he’s in a position where he can take off another step," Westbrook said on the Off The Bench podcast. "My job is to make sure I help him and make the game easy for him."

Westbrook has played alongside a handful of talented players throughout his career -- talented might be an understatement. Kevin Durant, Paul George, and James Harden, twice. All of whom experienced statistical and playoff success beside The Brodie.

Washington's first preseason game is scheduled for Sunday, December 13 against the Brooklyn Nets. If the two stars play, that'll be Wizards fans' first opportunity to see what the duo has to offer this season.