Coach Westbrook? What the Wizards' star sees for his future


While Russell Westbrook prides himself on being a leader and teacher for young players, don't expect him to turn that into a coaching career someday. The Wizards guard was asked on Wednesday if he plans on joining the coaching ranks when his NBA playing career is over.

He found the question amusing.

"No. No. I’ll coach my kids, but that’s it," he said with a smile. "I don’t know. I don’t see it. I don’t see it for me."

Westbrook, 32, says he hasn't thought about coaching "at all.' That is partly because it has never interested him, but also because he doesn't plan on his playing career ending any time soon.

Westbrook is under contract through the next two seasons and will only be 34 when the deal is over. He could conceivably get another contract or several after that.

Westbrook, though, does have an idea of what he will do once he's done playing. He expects to be more involved in his charity efforts.

"To be honest, I work on so much everyday in trying to change our communities and try to help the people out in underserved communities. Whether it’s financial literacy, whether it’s education, whether it’s creating jobs; whatever it is. That’s been my focus and I’m pretty sure my hands will be tied with that when I’m done playing," he said.


Westbrook recently announced plans to open a secondary school in his hometown of Los Angeles His goal is to provide similar resources to kids in the inner city to what are available at private schools in the suburbs. 

"Education is a huge problem, especially in underserved communities of color," Westbrook said.

In addition to the school, Westbrook also recently teamed up with Varo, an online bank, to provide banking services to underserved communities. He is also the producer of a History Channel documentary on the Tulsa Massacre of 1921.