Russell Westbrook wins ESPY for record-breaking season


Washinton Wizards guard Russell Westbrook had a record-breaking season in the nation's capital. The 32-year-old broke Oscar Robertson's record for most career triple-doubles, which stood at 181 before Westbrook surpassed that mark. 

In May against the Atlanta Hawks, Westbrook surpassed Robertson, breaking the 47-year-old record following a performance that saw him score 28 points, 13 rebounds, and 21 assists. 

ESPN awarded Westbrook with an ESPY for Best Record-Breaking Performance after his 2020 season. The Wizards' guard received his ESPY, which came with a short speech. 

"I'm super thankful for the ones before me, especially Oscar Robertson, his sacrifice for the game, his inspiration," Westbrook said. "Thank all my teammates and coaches over the years; thank you guys who voted for me. I appreciate it."

Westbrook will continue to pad his lead as the NBA's leader in career triple-doubles as he has 184 and has a few more seasons where he can play at a high level.