Brooks dispels Bradley Beal trade speculation: 'We're not answering'


As the Wizards continue to lose games and squander big nights from from Bradley Beal, the league's leading scorer, the speculation about his future has naturally ramped up. At least among fans and members of the media it has, because when it comes to Beal, the Wizards and his availability around the league, absolutely nothing has changed.

Beal has not requested a trade and, according to those familiar with his plans, he has no intention to. The Wizards, meanwhile, have maintained their stance that they won't listen to offers unless he asks out. If he's not going to ask out, and they don't want to trade him, that means he's not going anywhere, unless he changes his mind.

Head coach Scott Brooks, however, was asked for the latest update on Beal amid the rampant speculation which, valid or not, could potentially have an effect on the locker room if it becomes a distraction.

"Brad and I have never talked about it. We know that’s part of it. We haven’t won and when you don’t win, teams think that you’re just gonna throw the towel in and give up, that you’re just gonna want to get rid of your good players. So, that’s all part of the business," Brooks said after Saturday's practice.

"Brad is no different. He’s one of the best players in the league, of course every team would want him. But the good part about it is the team he’s on loves him the most. I love coaching him. He wants to be here, he signed an extension. He didn’t have to."


Those comments are not much different than other things Brooks and general manager Tommy Sheppard have said in the past. They could focus on the conjecture and speculation, or they instead could focus on the fact he signed a contract extension to stay with the team and see through what they have been trying to build. Actions speak louder than words and everything Beal has actually done has indicated his commitment. 

Brooks, though, did end up taking it all a little further. He basically tried to end the rumors, likely knowing full well that really can only be done by winning games.

"We’re not interested. I’m gonna just tell Tommy you might as well block all the 29 other teams’ numbers. We’re not answering," Brooks said.