Brooks appreciates Charles Barkley's confidence in Wizards


Scott Brooks once lived at Charles Barkley's house in 1988, as the two were playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, so he knows all about Chuck and his famous proclamations.

His latest, you may have heard, was a guarantee the Wizards will make the playoffs this season.

The Wizards certainly hope to make the postseason but will have to make a large jump after finishing 25-47 last year. Still, Barkley is sure they are playoff-bound.

Brooks appreciates his confidence.

"I did see that. That was funny. He’s the best. I’ll tell you what. He’s guaranteed a lot and very rarely it comes through," Brooks said Wednesday. 

"My job is to take care of my former roommate and pay him back. He didn’t charge me rent for two months. Hopefully, we can have a good year and make the playoffs. I like our chances. I like the group that I’m with."

Brooks stopped short of his own guarantee, not surprisingly. But he did sound hopeful, pointing to the fact he has Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal in his backcourt. With two star players, the playoffs are usually attainable.

Brooks must have seen the video of Barkley saying it, or is familiar with his catchphrase because he imitated Barkley to end his answer:


"I hope Charles is right on that guar-an-tee," he joked.