Wizards may not settle on a permanent starting three


The biggest positional competition in Wizards training camp may not ultimately crown a winner, as head coach Scott Brooks sees the starting three-spot as a role that could evolve over the course of this season.

Basically, who starts on Opening Night may not have a permanent hold on that role, as it could depend nightly on match-ups and who has performed the best in recent practices and games.

"More than likely, it’s going to be fluid," Brooks said. "I don’t think we’re always going to be locked in at that three-spot. Maybe it’s going to be how we’re playing, how that player is playing, and with the second unit."

Brooks mentioned five players as possible starters at the three: Isaac Bonga, Troy Brown Jr., Davis Bertans, Deni Avdija and Jerome Robinson. Bonga and Brown are the likely favorites, with Bonga possibly ahead of Brown given he started 49 games last season. Bertans is expected to mostly come off the bench, while Avdija and Robinson have the least experience of the bunch.

Brooks said a big factor will be how that player fits with the starting unit. There is already plenty of offense in that group, which means they could likely use a glue guy to complement them, someone with skills that fill in the gaps. Bonga brings length and defense, while Brown can rebound and pass.


If either one of those guys edges out the other, it could come down to their three-point shooting. Ideally, the Wizards would have someone at the three who is effective playing off-the-ball and who can create space for Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

Given Brooks just changed the tone of the competition, we may not learn much about it in the short-term. This could be a season-long battle.

"I’m excited to see how it all unfolds the next couple of weeks," Brooks said.