Scottie Pippen slams Bulls hire of Billy Donovan

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To many, the Chicago Bulls hiring Billy Donovan as head coach seems like a smart move and one that was only made possible by Donovan's surprising departure from Oklahoma City. He wasn't fired, he just left and after a successful season with the Thunder.

Bulls legend Scottie Pippen, though, disagrees that it was a good move, and quite strongly. He did an interview with Forbes recently where he did not hold back at all when criticizing the hire.

Pippen: "I like Billy Donovan as a person but I don’t think he’s proved anything in the NBA that proves he’s worth investing in and bringing a team up that needs help like Chicago does. They’re a team that has been struggling for a long time. To me, I don’t see the value he brings to them. He’s going to be a coach but there are a lot of them out there. He didn’t do anything special in OKC that warranted him a second opportunity. That’s just my opinion."

Well, then. Things may get awkward the next time Pippen shows up at the United Center, as that was a strong take coming from one of the best players in NBA history. He's saying Donovan hasn't done anything in the NBA and that's very debatable, as he kept a Thunder team afloat as they moved on without Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.


Really, Chicago is lucky to have him if you consider the rarity of someone with as long of a proven record as he has, which includes two national titles in college. It's not often a team as bad as the Bulls can land a coach like Donovan.

Maybe he can win Pippen over by developing the Bulls into a winner. It is certainly a take worth revisiting down the road.