SEE IT: Jerome Robinson pranks dad, tackles him into a pool


Training for the upcoming NBA season can be exhausting, tedious and flat-out challenging. So after a day of hard work, Wizards shooting guard Jerome Robinson set his sights on the swimming pool to blow off some steam.

Robinson invited his father, Jerome Robinson Sr., to get in as well but he was too tentative for the guard's liking.

Here's when things got interesting, all caught on a video posted to Robinson's Instagram account.

Robinson set up his phone and documented a funny prank on his ol' man, tackling him into the pool. If Robinson ever gets tired of the NBA, he might make a solid free safety with this form.

"This is how you get ya pops in a cold pool," Robinson's caption read. "Post workout fun. ft pops."

Robinson, 23, is entering his third season in the NBA. After being traded to Washington last season he went on to appear in 21 games while averaging 9.4 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.0 assists.