You have probably seen the meme before. The rules are simple. You have $15 to build a basketball lineup and have to choose wisely when distributing your money to pick five players at five different positions.

We at NBC Sports Washington tweeted a Wizards/Bullets version of the meme on Tuesday morning and it is... tough. It's an interesting snapshot of the best players in franchise history in that you can really see what positions have been better than others.

For as much as the Wizards/Bullets franchise is known for its guards, it's actually been way deeper in the frontcourt. And a byproduct of that is the relative lack of three-point shooters. It's pretty easy to choose five players that wouldn't be able to stretch the floor.

With all that in mind, here is our lineup card and my picks (with explanation) below...

PG - Kevin Porter $2

Needing to save some money at the point guard spot due to putting resources elsewhere, I could do worse than have Porter, a four-time NBA assist champion. He won two of those crowns with the Bullets and he would also give you double-digit points. He was so good at running an offense his nickname was 'The Conductor' during his playing days.


SG - Bradley Beal - $5

Bradley Beal is a very good and well-rounded player, but this was mostly about one thing and that is his ability to shoot from the outside. With apologies to Tracy Murray, Tim Legler and Davis Bertans, Beal is the best volume three-point shooter in franchise history. There are only so many shooters available on this list and Beal also gives you the ability to score off the dribble and decent defense.

SF - Michael Jordan - $5

This was both the easiest and hardest decision of this exercise. It was the easiest because Michael Jordan was my first pick. I wasn't not going to have M.J. on my team, even if it is the Wizards version. He was still good. And, it's freaking M.J. But being beholden to him crunched me in other areas as I filled out my lineup. And it made me compensate for his lack of outside shooting. Jordan was a solid three-point shooter in Chicago with some really good years behind the arc, but he didn't make any threes with the Wizards.

PF - Antawn Jamison - $2

Great value here. Antawn Jamison averaged 20.8 points and 8.9 rebounds during his time in Washington, a walking double-double. And he could also stretch the floor. In 2005-06, he shot 39.4 percent from three on 4.5 attempts per game. That's not bad at all for a 6-foot-9 power forward.

C - Brendan Haywood - $1

I didn't have much money left for a center and after foregoing the chance to have a legend like Wes Unseld, Walt Bellamy or Moses Malone, I went with Brendan Haywood and felt good about it for one reason. He could protect the rim and having him makes the foundation of my lineup's defense much better. That would be important with an older Jordan at the three and Jamison at the four. Jamison could rebound, but he wasn't great at protecting the rim.

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